Patent Drafting – Why Cotsis?

Cotsis CAD is your source for the highest quality digital patent drafting.

Digital Patent Drawings: The Highest Professional Patent Drafting Standards

Hands-on, personal service from seasoned patent illustration pros. We are patent draftsman with 20 years of patent drafting know-how.

Patent illustrators at Cotsis CAD can create the patent drawings you need to effectively convey the description and claims in your specification.

At Cotsis CAD we can work from informals, rough sketches, AutoCAD files, 3D renderings, or even verbal descriptions in utility patent drafting cases. We are also specialists in design patent drawings and digital patent photography, with well over 10,000 cases successfully filed using our patent drawings and photographs at the USPTO. When you are seeking a design patent, the quality of the patent drawings not only comprises your claims, but it is absolutely crucial to obtaining design patent protection. Digital patent illustration combines art, science and technology to help convey and ultimately protect your valuable intellectual property.

All Cotsis CAD patent drawings are created in our NY offices (no outsourcing) by the owner or his employees under terms of strict confidentiality and signed non-disclosure agreements. We have a 20 year track record among IP pros at the nation’s most prominent patent law firms and corporations; we consider that to be our most valuable asset and your greatest assurance of complete confidentiality.

Competitive rates (send any patent drafting job for a firm price quote) responsive service, fast turnaround (we don’t charge extra for rush jobs, we always meet your deadline), instant e-mail delivery of your patent drawings in convenient pdf format. At Cotsis CAD we strive to keep patent drafting simple; we have no rush charges and no charges for most revisions.

Click the links on this page to learn more about Cotsis CAD patent drafting services (design patent and utility patent drawings and photographs) or to contact us today for more info or a free estimate for your next set of patent drawings.

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