It won’t be an exaggeration to mention that patent drafting is nothing short of art. It requires specialized skills and creativity to do this right. Find a service that have enough experience with various drafting activities like drawing and claim writing. Another crucial requirement is enough techno-legal knowledge regarding the subject. When writing a smart specification you need to first start with an emphatic title for your invention. The meaning of this title needs to be precise and clear. If you’re unable to do it yourself it is better to take the help of competent patent drafting services.

Your title shouldn’t exceed 20 words with the ideal length being 5-7 words at most. What is the purpose or aim of your invention? The title you write should reflect this conclusively. In case of new inventions, you can reuse registered titles. After this, you will need to mention your invention field. Clearly state the purpose and theme followed by its classification that corresponds to the hierarchy. This part reflects the invention scope clearly for the benefit of patent examiners.

What is the background of your invention? This is also an important part of smart specifications in draft creation. Analyze advantages over prior art or pre-existing patents and give background information regarding your invention. What was your object behind the invention? Describe associated benefits and advantages clearly, give comparisons and write all objectives separately. Now provide the statement, summary, drawing descriptions, detailed invention descriptions, your claims and an overview.

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